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Play the Pirate Role in Online Casino Games

Pirate-themed slots have a charm that makes the players hooked on the game very easily. Pirates have always been associated with adventure. They fight with other ships and possess large spoils of gold and jewels. And usually, all this happens in exotic places near islands or open sea. Playing the pirate slots, we can put ourselves in many adventure stories. Some are made based on the pirates from the Middle East or the Caribbean pirates, who look for fun and obtain succulent loot of gold, silver, and jewels. The common symbols are the pirate flag of the skull with crossed bones and black background, the parrot that always accompanies the pirate captain, the gold chests, the pistols, or the swords that they used for attacking and defending themselves. We can even get into a bit of terror when exploring ghost ships full of zombies or spirits who continue to do their pirate work, despite the death of the sunken ship.

Online pirate slots have excellent graphics and without a doubt, it is a pleasant gaming experience. Let’s review some examples and see what kind of gaming experience they offer.

Ghost Pirates 

Casino slot for those who are interested in an adventure on a pirate ship, and all the excitement and adrenaline that this brings. It has attractive graphics and animations and features a variety of symbols, bonuses within a pirate world. With Ghost Pirates, you can enter an adventure in the deepest waters. You can find yourself at the bottom of the sea with world map layouts and tools that are required to navigate. You also come across an animated pirate who will have the objective of observing the reels. The slot features background music very similar to a pirate movie and adds the ghostly feeling. The game allows players to win 243 ways, rather than using set pay lines. Ghost Pirates simply gives slot lovers something different to try.

Pirate Gold

If as a child you dreamed of sea adventures in the style of Barbarossa, Blackbeard, or Sir Francis Drake, your dreams may finally come true. You probably won't venture out into the open waters like a corsair, but the most pirate slot you can imagine is still waiting for you! The world of pirates in this slot is interesting and colorful; it cannot be called dark in any way. There are 10 basic symbols in the game, and there are also bonus symbols. Among all these symbols you will find what every pirate should have: a treasure map, a hook, or a spyglass. You can also draw images of the pirates themselves or a parrot. Each symbol is extremely polished and interesting. When winning, short animations are shown for all symbols. The music in the game itself is actually a somewhat mysterious and dramatic melody, with numerous elements of pirate culture. The sound of waves, the sounds of parrots, and even the traditional sailor accordion! All this only increases interest in the game and makes you want to play it as long as possible.

Sinbad's Golden Voyage

This slot machine invites you to enjoy Sinbad’s adventures and find valuable treasures. Set in the medieval era is based on the most famous Arabic classic tale, Sinbad the Sailor and Alibaba. Sinbad is one of the characters of the thousand and one night among other stories. He has always been a travel adventurer. On his way, he has to face a large bird of prey, huge fish, and the natives. In the slot game, Sinbad travels on his ship through the ocean.

Sinbad's Golden Voyage slot is designed with lots of colors and high definition graphics. It has 5 reels and several symbols inspired by the tale: an anchor, a giant bird, White City, Sinbad's ship, a treasure chest, a diamond, Princess Sherezade, a round sapphire, a square emerald, and a teardrop ruby. If you've ever wondered just how much fun Sinbad must have had as he sailed the 7 seas, battling sea monsters and searching for treasure – well now you can find out thanks to this super online slot.

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